SUNY Erie Foundation Merit Award Scholarship

This award was established by the SUNY Erie Foundation to recognize significant academic accomplishments by incoming first-year students starting in the fall semester. Recipients have demonstrated a willingness to learn and have maintained an excellent high school record.

1. High school graduate with 80% average or better
2. First time college student, beginning first semester (no prior college experience)
3. Matriculated in any degree or certificate program
4. Full-time student
5. Two letters of recommendation from high school administrator or faculty members – request via email link

ECC Foundation
Supplemental Questions
  1. One of Two Letters of Recommendation: One from High school administrator or faculty member
  2. Two of Two Letters of Recommendation: Another High School administrator or faculty member
  3. I am a High School Student without prior college experience
  4. I took time off after graduating from high school. I am now starting college for the first time and I will be taking classes: