Dr. Wayne O'Sullivan Scholarship

Dr. Wayne O’Sullivan served as Professor of History in the Social Sciences Department for 45 years-from 1971-2016. During that time, he enjoyed engaging SUNY Erie/ECC students in the teaching/learning process. He served as chair of the Social Sciences Department, Social Sciences faculty appointments committee, and made significant contributions to the Middle States review process, curriculum development and faculty development. Further, he facilitated the establishment of the international studies curriculum and studies abroad program. During his tenure, he developed new course of studies including the History of World War Il, a course that engaged members of the greater Buffalo community as well as SUNY Erie/ECC students. Dr. O’Sullivan thoroughly enjoyed his career at ECC and only retired due to health challenges.
Dr. Wayne and Mary Jo O’Sullivan created this scholarship in gratitude for Dr. O’Sullivan’s fulfilling and meaningful career at Erie Community College, spanning 45 years-from 1971-2016. As a Professor of History in the Social Sciences Department, Dr. O’Sullivan encountered many talented and motivated students who needed some assistance in closing the financial aid gap. This scholarship is intended to help remove the financial barrier to success for a motivated liberal arts/ general studies student. Specifically, it is intended to help a student reduce work hours in order to focus on his/her academic success and career goals. Dr. O’Sullivan passed away Oct. 2, 2017.

1. Matriculated in Liberal Arts or General Studies Program, preference to Humanities Student
2. Minimum GPA 2.5
3. Letter of recommendation by SUNY Erie Faculty or Department Head
4. Motivated student who needs help in closing financial aid gap to continue his/her studies

Mrs. Mary Jo O'Sullivan
Supplemental Questions
  1. Letter of recommendation by SUNY Erie faculty member or department chair - request via email link