Dr. John & Karen (Leone) O'Neil '69 Scholarship Award (for 4 year school after SUNY Erie)

Dr. John O’Neil started this transfer scholarship as he approached the 40th anniversary of his
graduation in 1969. John credits his former Erie Community College professors and staff
with giving him the educational foundation that enabled him to transfer to Cornell University
with two full years of credits.

1. Matriculated in Clinical Laboratory Technician 2188.CLT
2. Resident of Erie County
3. Full-time Student
4. Two letters of recommendation – requests via email link
5. Upload: Letter of intent addressed to Dr. O’Neil
6. Upload: High school diploma from Lancaster or West Seneca Schools (preference given)
7. Upload: Letter of acceptance into a four-year college per award criteria. * If continuing education at Cornell University, this award is increased to $1000.*

Dr. John and Karen (Leone) O'Neil '69
Supplemental Questions
  1. I am finished with SUNY Erie in May 2022 or August 2022 and continuing at a four-year college
  2. One of Two Letters of Recommendation - request via email link
  3. Two of Two Letters of Recommendation: Another reference - requests via email link
  4. Upload: Letter of Intent addressed to Dr. O'Neil
  5. Upload: Your graduation diploma from Lancaster or West Seneca high schools (preference given)
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