The Shanbhag 1st Year Student Endowed Scholarship

Guided by the Hippocratic Oath, “I will teach them my art and will impart all my
acquirement, instructions and whatever I know to all my pupils,” a local Radiation Oncologist, M.D.
created this scholarship to assist SUNY Erie’s Radiation Therapy students.

1. Completed one semester at SUNY Erie by December
2. First year student in Radiation Therapy program
3. Essay: Why I’m pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy

Funds to be used for 1st year student Radiation Technology classes during 1st year summer classes only.

Dr. Vilasini Shanbhag
Supplemental Questions
  1. Why I am pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy.
  2. I am taking the Summer course after I complete the year one Radiology courses in May