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Welcome to the SUNY Erie Foundation Scholarship website! When available, scholarship opportunities listed below are made possible by donors & supporters of the SUNY Erie Foundation as well as departments and programs throughout the College. Click on the scholarship name to learn more about each opportunity. To apply, first complete the General Application after you sign in. Recommended scholarships will be listed in the Navigation Bar.

The Fall Cycle has now closed. When re-opened in December 2020 for the 2021-2022 Academic Year distribution, complete your new General Application before completing available individual opportunities. Please check back frequently for the latest SUNY Erie scholarship information.

APPLY: Click the “Sign In” button to begin. You MUST use your SUNY Erie user name “@ecc.edu” (NOT “@students.ecc.edu”) & password to sign in and begin your scholarship application. Failure to sign in correctly may invalidate your application. Improperly created applications may be denied.

SUNY Erie Student Employees (Ambassadors, Tutors, etc.): You must use your EMPLOYEE USER NAME & PASSWORD to sign into the scholarship system. Failure to sign in correctly may invalidate your application. Improperly created applications may be denied.

Please note: Once you complete the General Application, you will be matched with scholarships for which you qualify and must click on the “Apply to” button to be considered for these scholarships. Additional scholarships may also be recommended to you if you meet the basic criteria. To see a list of these scholarships, select “Recommended” under “Opportunities.” You must click on “Apply to” and complete any additional requirements in order to be considered for these scholarships.

Attention: Sessions time-out (end) automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, so save often!

FAQs: See the Frequently Asked Questions tab in your General Application or click here

IMPORTANT: students who receive funds from NYS Vocation Rehab or similar “last money in” funding may not receive a refund as monies must go back to the funding source.

Be sure to check your SUNY Erie email (including the junk files!)

Recommended: Add “scholarship@ecc.edu” to your contacts. (So our correspondence doesn’t end up in your junk files)

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